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Wedding outfit – a man can wear it as a guest!

Like every year, spring brings not only sunshine and warm weather, but also the wedding season. At least it has always been the case in our circle of friends that most of them said yes to each other in late spring or early autumn. Therefore one should use the time before, in order to prepare not only mentally and morally for such celebrations, but also style tips for the groom technically.

Outfit as a guest at a wedding – that’s what counts!

It is one thing for the groom to choose his wedding outfit, where he sets the frame and the orientation himself. Another thing is to choose the right outfit as a guest, to make it a little easier in the future, I have made some thoughts about the right outfit as a guest at a wedding.

Because no matter whether your best friend or your own brother steps before the altar, the excitement is pre-programmed. Guests are also faced with some decisions: What do I wear, which shoes go with it and which accessories should not be missing. But let’s approach the whole thing piece by piece.

Decipher dress code

On the invitation card to the wedding you will find the most important information for your own outfit. Therefore it should be read carefully. Because with the information contained there to the location, time and style of the bridal couple the Outfit choice falls nevertheless equal much more easily. Whereby one should still think a little.

Weddings that have a certain motto: Fairytale weddings, in the style of the 60s or Rock’n’Roll make the selection of your own wedding outfit as a guest much easier. Since the actual frame is clearly defined and you don’t always have to fall back on the classics, especially with certain mottos.

Meanwhile, many weddings are also celebrated rather casually and loosely. In other words, not too pompous and puffed up – rather a little relaxed and yet stylish. Personally I think that we men have it here still a trace more simply with the choice of the correct wedding outfit, for women the clearance is again a little larger.

If it’s casual and casual, it can indeed be a little casual. However, this does not mean that one should fall completely out of the frame. A light blue shirt, dark, clean jeans and a pair of dark brown laces in combination with a matching leather belt and a discreet tie or bow tie might be a reasonable choice.

If nothing is specified or no dress code is visible on the wedding invitation, either ask the best man. Or one relies on classics when choosing the right wedding outfit as a man. One more thing: If the invitation does not explicitly mention that a casual dress code is desired, you have to do without your jeans. Sorry!

The right choice, you can wear it at a wedding!

The frame of the outfit is given or not. Nevertheless, there are some rules to follow, which should neither be broken nor bent too much. One thing applies to all guests, whether female or male: white is taboo! This colour is reserved for the bride. For the same reason, tones such as beige and cream should be avoided. Bright colours and especially red are also not an option.

A look that works more at a funeral than at a wedding is a black suit with a white shirt, black laces and a black tie. If you let it be, a little more colour will be fine.

The black suit, as a classic of the man, can of course still be worn. But just a bit friendlier. In other words, instead of a white shirt a shirt in light, friendly blue is used. The tie is also a blue shirt. Also available with a discreet pattern. And the shoes are also welcome to have a colour accent.

Small colour accents are also welcome with the socks. Are these usually only visible at second glance and allow a little color to bring into play. Here I can refer to my contribution “Completely from the socks – colorful men socks…”, which takes up this topic quite well.

It is known which colours are taboo. Allowed are however above all dark blue, brown or grey suits – with these man does nothing wrong as a guest on a wedding. If you are a little more courageous, and if it suits the setting of the wedding, then you can also wear suits in dark green or bordeaux red, combined with a plain white shirt.

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