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Tips for Playing Rocket League Well

With the arrival of the game on PS4 and PC and especially the fact that the game is offered with the PS Plus subscription, a lot of players are discovering the game and I notice obvious mistakes.

Here are my tips for playing Rocket League well:

Stop playing with the view centered on the ball all the time!
The original game on PS3 had the classic view by default and by pressing Triangle you displayed the view centered on the ball. An option in Rocket League allows you to return to this option.

That’s how you’ll finally be able to play correctly without running over the ball all the time and hitting it any way you want.

Obviously I’m not saying that you have to give up this view, I advise you to use it 40% of the time, to find where the ball is, and once you’re in its direction, you have to let go of Triangle and there you can really drive correctly and aim. You will see that your shots will be much less hazardous and your actions more thoughtful.

Practice with the tutorials
The basic and advanced tutorials are well done and allow you to better understand the game. It’s a good start but it’s not enough! I strongly advise to do the practice shots, here we don’t care about the score, what matters is that you manage to score them all (even on the 20th try, you have to do R1 to try the shot again directly). The best way to shoot is often to jump and hit the ball a little from above. If you really want to control, you have to try the aerial goals, so hard to put on but so enjoyable

Avoid running into the ball all the time
As in real football, only beginners fight for the ball like an army of pigeons on a piece of bread. Take the time, let them run into the pile and wait for the right time before launching your boost pile when the ball comes out of the group to hit it correctly. I often reverse to position myself correctly. There’s nothing worse than running into the pile and missing the ball. Click on this link for an in-depth Fable guide to Rocket League.

Use the walls to your advantage
The easiest way is to throw the ball against the wall, useful for dribble or pass. Then, in training, try to climb along the walls, then do it by accompanying the ball and finally by doing a wall jump shot. (see below a short video of several examples of house goals)

Never restart in the axis
It’s a golden rule in football, which is paid for in cash in Rocket League. If no one plays in defence, the slightest ball thrown back into the axis ends up with a mouldy goal that is easily taken by an opponent.

Make centres!
A common tactic is to send the ball to the centre (by hitting the walls or jumping to the side), so not a shot on target but an opportunity for your teammates to score an almost unstoppable goal.

Hit the other vehicles
The best way is to destroy them with a boost, which allows your team to take an advantage that can be decisive.

The game really helps to clean up, typically when an opponent is waiting for the ball to fall back. (don’t give him that chance, go for it even without a boost)

The best attack is defense.
Ok it may seem obvious but it is absolutely necessary that one of the players be a smart flying goalie. Of course, you shouldn’t camp in the goals, it’s useless and you could be useful elsewhere.

Stay in defense and wait for the right moment to melt on the ball like Tony the falcon ^^^ The counter is one of the best ways to score in the game.

Boost is life
The boosts scattered throughout the field are very important to succeed in actions and make a difference… The biggest ones at the edges of the field are very popular and do not respawn immediately, do not miss, choose your movements also according to them and not only the ball. At the end it can make a big difference.

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