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Making Money With Facebook

If you are wondering if it is possible to make money from the hugely popular social networking site Facebook, then the answer is yes. The following article will show you how you can use the global phenomenon that is Facebook to start earning money for your business and what strategies to use to ensure that they are effective.

So how to make money with Facebook?

The first thing to remember is that in any business, whether online or offline, people will buy from people, more importantly those who know how and trust it is simple. Facebook is a social networking site, make sure you have all the social things and come across them all as a real person, remembering that this will be the cornerstone of this strategy and we will see that you succeed.

Before going deeper, however, at this point it is worth mentioning that this strategy will only work if you are in line with it, it will be essential to help people get to know you. The key issues are as follows.

1) Your profile – Make sure you have a professional-looking picture, something that displays you in good light and certainly not a picture of your last Saturday night in town. Make sure you put all your contact details on your profile along with your internet address, give people and an easy way to find out what you are doing or offering. It is also recommended that you keep your personal profile separate from your company profile.

2) Add friends – You must add friends to your profile consistently and they must be in your niche, for example if you are selling a ski vacation without point adding people who are not interested in skiing. Facebook is quite strict with the number of people that you can add, it is suggested that you can add no more than fifteen per day. When adding friends to increase your chances of accepting a friend’s request, send a short message to the person where you will find out why you should be friends, e.g. by stating your common interests.

3) Never spam – never spam people’s walls or inbox with what you are promoting, over time you will be asked what you are doing, you can tell them this by providing your link or other information, and so on.

4) Join groups – Join groups that are interested in what you promote and interact with these groups, offering helpful tips and insights into your field of knowledge.

5) Status Updates – Use the Status Update Tool to send value messages to your friends, something your potential customers can use and benefit from, for example, a link to an article or blog post, video or quotation. Something that is important to them. Very rarely you can add a direct link to your website or capabilities.

Over time you will become perceived as a person of value and an expert in your field when you achieve this in your mind, you will have people looking for you to do business with you.

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